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Internet has a growing role in our life. The need for internet marketing has come a long way in the last few years. Behind every successful digital campaign is a great Digital Marketing Agency. We are a Digital Marketing Company that beliefs in creating experiences to transform brands and grow businesses in this constantly changing market that are filled with technology and data. Our focus is on creating innovative products, services and digital marketing solutions that build brands and drive sales through digital approach of communication. We believe in honest collaboration with clients. Our team possesses a massively diverse set of skills. We are equally upright at both design and skills.

Formulating and Executing Digital Strategies

Ever since the advent of the smart phones, tablets and the super-fast internet services. Consumers are now adapting and spending more time with technology. Brands are now utilizing digital media as a platform for marketing purpose as majority of the population is active on more than one platform; respectively. It is important to have an absolute digital marketing strategy. To achieve maximize output, it is vital to gain insights from consumer audience, create vision, have direction with defined goals.

Digital is a great way to carter and target your audience and by also specifying them. As being a Digital Marketing agency, we provide our clients with a remarkable strategy backed up by research, statistics and results.

From the point of formulating to the point of execution.

Gamifying Tanzania Industry

Gamification is empowering businesses to create true loyalty when combined with research; generated by user interactions. Gamification is not based on creating new things, it is about changing the core experience by applying techniques that make games engaging. Gamifying innovative and valued interactions with customers drive stronger interactions, loyalty, sales and most importantly higher customer satisfaction.

Case Study

Creating interactive games that engage consumers and
incentivize the overall experience of playing.

Game - Tapal

One screen game which starts with a tap on the screen. Objective of the game is to quickly serve Tapal Tea to the client who has ordered tea to establish the concept that Tapal 3 in 1 is a quick serving option. min 500 required for the player to win the game.

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Dual Device Game - Unilever

Unilever HR application launched in 7 countries for employee goal setting. User selects the desired goal from the list of goals provided. User swipes the football from the hand-held device to the screens towards the goal. On successful hit, employee's goal is highlighted on the screen.

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Lifebuoy Live Activity

Lifebuoy celebrated global hand washing day on Oct 15th, 2016 where Karachi and Lahore were connected via Real-Time LED Screen. People from both the cities interacted with each other live and Hi5’d. For every Hi5, Lifebuoy taught 5 kids to wash hands.

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Our clients

We are here to help you succeed

We believe in our clients and our strength lies in developing close working relationships to help them succeed. This enables us to create, and deliver, value at every stage of our clients’ journey. We foster a work environment where people can communicate openly and encourage feedback to help us learn and grow. We believe people should work in an environment that empowers and inspires them.

At Golive Tanzania, we don’t just talk about integrity, we demonstrate it. Through our work ethics, our behavior towards our employees and our dealings with clients, we stick to our values. Honoring commitments, whether towards our employees or our clients, is something we hold in very high regard.

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Digital Innovation Company

We are in the business of revolutionizing media, setting new standards every day by state of the art techniques and putting creativity through systematic processes. We are the driving force behind digital revolution and re-shaping marketing as we know it.

Our team is a super combination of creative and analytical mindsets, who are deciphering consumer digital cycle to come up with the best in class digital campaigns and products. Our strategy process is our uniqueness in market that enables brands to come up with creative campaigns that not only stand out in the clutter but also provide pure ROI for their marketing budgets.

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